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A PRIVATE Member to Member Donation Club

Giving people the chance to unite for the common good of all...

M2MMDC is a private member donation club and access to the club is available by referral ONLY!  This site, along with all content and services mentioned herein are confidential and are NOT public domain.  By accessing this site and any information contained herein, you agree that you will retain this information as private and will adhere to the M2MMDC bylaws.

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Legal: By participating in the M2M Member Donation Club, I acknowledge this is a private club and that I am participating as a donor with the intent to bless the projects of other members with no guarantee of receipt of donations for my projects or myself. All examples of potential distribution of donations by members to members are for example and educational purposes only. I am of sound mind and body and my participation is of my own free will and choice. Funds donated are non-refundable and are stated to be taken from discretionary resources and will not impact my livelihood.